Zimmermann upright and grand pianos

Zimmermann upright and grand pianos designed by C. Bechstein: instruments for those who want to enter the world of piano without compromising on quality. A new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices.

Grand pianos

Zimmermann HZ 160

A desirable small grand piano that fits in any room.

Zimmermann HZ 175

Sensational semi-concert grand! Great volume, technical perfection, impressive reserves of strength.

Zimmermann HZ 185

A robust salon grand that meets high demands at an affordable price.
All Zimmermann instruments are made to the specifications of Bechstein’s R&D centre, which also monitors all manufacturing steps at the partner company’s production site. Zimmermann upright and grand pianos: dependable instruments that meet European quality standards.

Upright pianos

ZImmermann HZ 126

Exemplary workmanship and rich sound.

Zimmermann HZ 120

The junior of the Zimmermann family boasts a sound of surprising richness.

C. Bechstein, Europe`s leading Piano-Maker ist your warrantor of a traditional and valuable brand - Zimmermann

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