C. Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System

Mute: The new Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System gives double joy with your acoustic piano. What is often called the Silent System on the market is the "Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System" for Bechstein brands and models. This gives you two instruments in one. The Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System is available for all new uprights and grands made by Bechstein in the Bechstein manufactories.

The Vario system treats you to wonderful sounds of the latest generation. Greatest detail and authenticity characterize the piano sounds. The well-balanced piano sounds are pleasant even during prolonged use.

Benefits of the Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System: the corresponding mute mode ensures that no more acoustic sounds are made on the strings and soundboard. Your roommates do not notice your playing. You can play and practice day and night without anyone being able to listen. Like in a sound booth, no sound penetrates to the outside.

For some time, C. Bechstein has been offering the Bechstein Vario Digital Mute System for silencing acoustic pianos. We can deliver to you every new instrument with the Vario System.

The C. Bechstein Vario System

This module was developed with and for C. Bechstein, it is manufactured in Germany, a real C. Bechstein Vario, exclusive and innovative. Your benefits: best possible dynamics, elegant, unobtrusive appearance, good and easy operation.

We have examined our existing systems extensively and we have asked our users: This C. Bechstein Vario includes a mute function that satisfies all aspects that our customers expect from such a system. The C. Bechstein Vario System optimally converts the playing dynamics to tonal dynamics - compare!

Advantages of the C. Bechstein Vario

Dynamics: unique dynamics through high resolution of the key and action movement. From ppp to fff infinitely controllable, dynamic pressure on the keys easily adjustable via graphics on the display screen.

Sensor technology: optical key and pedal sensors, continuous measurement and adjustment of key and pedal sensors

Display: large display, touch screen, clear graphic display controlled by icons. All functions in the main and sub menus are easily and clearly controlled via the touchscreen.

Control device: small, unobtrusive, large displays. It has extensive features of which we highlight just a few: The elegant front shows only the headphone jacks. All connections are on the back side: USB, Line In/Out, system connector. They are easily operated from above. The Bechstein Vario contains a sampled acoustic metronome, 4 favourite memories and selectable sounds such as 6 Pianos, 3 organs, harpsichord, 3 e-pianos, 2 strings (which can occur in the background).

International: clear graphic screen guide, internationally understandable.

Energy Saving: automatic switch off at plug, no standby power consumption.

Headphones: high quality product with high comfort, low weight, good sound.

Stop strips: very stable, precisely adjustable, with hand lever, moderator may be retained. This module is available for all brands of Bechstein upright and grand pianos.

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Here you can download the Warranty Certificate for the Bechstein Vario System.

Bechstein Vario Flyer

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