C. Bechstein

Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the sound-ideal of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action, responds to every nuance. Unsurpassedly good.

Grand pianos

C. Bechstein D 282

The concert grand piano of superlatives. Fantastic tonality, precise playability.

C. Bechstein C 234

Wonderful fullness of tone, strength and dynamics. Wonderful action.

C. Bechstein B 212

The standard for professionals and your salon. Noble sound, professional touch.

C. Bechstein M/P 192

Finest nuances, superb action, wonderful color shades. Inspiring.

C. Bechstein L 167

Accomplished professional grand piano in the compact format. Often called "the best" among the small.

Upright pianos

C. Bechstein Concert 8

Probably the best concert grand piano in the world, ultra-nuanced unfolding tone, super playing feel.

C. Bechstein Elegance 124

Elegant and graceful body composition, award-winning design.

C. Bechstein Classic 124

"High Class" upright piano with a timeless design. Balanced, full bass, rich treble.

C. Bechstein Contur 118

Elegant silhouette with brass accents. Consoles. Very distinguished.

C. Bechstein Classic 118

Classic straight lines, full and singing tone, fine touch, harmonious architecture.

C. Bechstein Millenium

Puristic, confident, impressive in sound. International design awards.

C Bechstein upright and grand pianos: the better choice

Our C. Bechstein upright and grand piano line is the superlative in piano manufacturing. There is nothing better, nothing comparable. C. Bechstein upright and grand pianos are individual, masterfully shaped gems. Luxury in every detail. Aesthetics and vendor-specific details have always played a significant role with C. Bechstein. The more complex the detail work, the more valuable the instrument. Thus, C. Bechstein uprignt pianos contain valuable components that are otherwise found only in top-class grand piano building. So much quality, so much fine work, such expense and complexity in materials and workmanship are second to none. In the last decades, we have once again upgraded our manufacturing site to a true forge for masterpieces produced with modern knowledge while safeguarding precious tradition.Our instruments enjoy worldwide admiration by demanding musicians such as piano lovers, seeking the best tools for the precious hours at the upright or on the grand piano. C. Bechstein grand pianos are placed on concert stages, in academies and in private homes. Simply wherever good music is made. The following quality characteristics of C. Bechstein's masterful art of piano making can be explained to you by a professional piano technician on the instrument: Bechstein's sound membrane system with molded rib pockets for long-term tension stability, torsion-resistant cast iron plate, extremely stable yet resilient pine wood back post system, integral sound-energy system, tone-supporting acoustic engineering with sound-enhanced cabinets/rims. Ask your C. Bechstein dealer about DVDs showing our production. There you will learn some of the details and secrets of C. Bechstein's grand piano and upright manufacture.