Bechstein upright and grand pianos connect the upper class of German engineering, a remarkable sound profile and a highly professional touch.Bechstein upright and grand pianos are true all-rounders.

Grand pianos

Bechstein B 228

Sensational semi-concert grand! Great volume, technical perfection, impressive reserves of strength.

Bechstein B 208

Wonderful, professional grand pianos for your living room or a small concert hall.

Bechstein B 190

Very clear sound and broad tonal color scale. Pleasant touch. Tempts you to play.

Bechstein B 175

Excellent medium-sized instrument delivers enjoyment of playing to meet high demands.

Bechstein B 160

Musically very balanced, precise touch. Welcome to the Bechstein world.

Upright pianos

Bechstein B 124 Style

Big, powerful sound, precise touch. Suitable for various musical styles.

Bechstein B 120 Select

Fine piano with an elegant silhouette. A pleasure to play and listen to.

Bechstein B 116 Compact

Desirable for all music lovers; a pleasure to play and beautiful to look at.

Bechstein B 124 Imposant

Great soundboard, remarkable volume. Modern with a lovely sound.

Bechstein B 116 Accent

Top-class, medium-sized, robust build, sensitive to play. Inspirational fullness of tone.

Bechstein B 112 Modern

Chic, comfortable size, all the characteristics of quality. Excellent value for money.

Bechstein B 112 Modern Chrome Art

An extraordinary piano, an enviable understatement, modern yet classical.

Quality from Germany: Bechstein grand pianos and uprights