Noble special finishes and editions, shown here as examples for selected models
BECHSTEIN B 190Classic style, white polished
BECHSTEIN B 190Pyramid mahagony
BECHSTEIN B 190Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Pyramid mahagony
C. Bechstein L 167Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Rosewood burl
C. Bechstein B 212Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein B 212Special Design
C. Bechstein M/P 192Mahagony
C. Bechstein M/P 192Intarsia

C. Bechstein L 167 grand piano

Special Chippendale design with special veneer burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167
This style variation is designed to the best advantage for small to medium grand piano models. It can be supplied with all finishes of C. Bechstein or Bechstein series on request. Best suited for smaller grand piano size.