Noble special finishes and editions, shown here as examples for selected models
BECHSTEIN B 190Classic style, white polished
BECHSTEIN B 190Pyramid mahagony
BECHSTEIN B 190Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Pyramid mahagony
C. Bechstein L 167Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Rosewood burl
C. Bechstein B 212Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein B 212Special Design
C. Bechstein M/P 192Mahagony
C. Bechstein M/P 192Intarsia

BECHSTEIN B 190 grand piano

Special wood finish burl walnut polished
Bechstein B 190
A breathtakingly beautiful finish, elegant bloom, carefully and skilfully assembled. The warm color and timeless, elegant form of the Bechstein grand piano are a fantastic attraction in your house, your property. Culture, style and beauty, pristine yet conservative.