Noble special finishes and editions, shown here as examples for selected models
BECHSTEIN B 190Classic style, white polished
BECHSTEIN B 190Pyramid mahagony
BECHSTEIN B 190Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Pyramid mahagony
C. Bechstein L 167Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein L 167Rosewood burl
C. Bechstein B 212Burl walnut polished
C. Bechstein B 212Special Design
C. Bechstein M/P 192Mahagony
C. Bechstein M/P 192Intarsia


Special veneer pyramid mahagony polished
Bechstein B 190
An absolutely classic, noble veneer, a marvelous coloration, a timeless gem in conservative elegance, which conceives exquisite taste. Of course, one can obtain this special veneer for both product series. Ask for the delivery conditions for C. Bechstein and/or BECHSTEIN Models.