Upright piano repair and grand piano restoration with guarantee

You want to have your valuable Bechstein piano restored? You have questions about piano repair? C. Bechstein workshops restore Bechstein grand pianos and uprights all over the world. Our patients are often more than 100 years old. Depending on circumstances, piano repair or restoration work is part of the care needed when there has been heavy and long use. However, you should not just let your piano be restored anywhere. Many instruments are brought to us after they were literally dis-improved at considerable expense. Then the consequences of such piano repair must first be eliminated. Only a designated piano repair service center that has the necessary professional know-how, experience and equipment can help your instrument return to many decades of new commitment. The theme piano care is often underestimated.Only those who routinely deal with valuable instruments, know exactly what measures have a durable and reliable effect in piano-repair. Our customers give us feedback after they have their piano restored; thus, our client relationships are trustworthy and permanent. After a complete piano repair, we keep a record of the instrument and give tips for further piano care. Of course, you receive a certificate of piano repair and a warranty.

Look for competency

Did you know that there are only a very few shops in which you can have your piano restored? The time required for piano repair or restoration is considerable. We recommend that you first obtain a detailed cost estimate, in which all measures for restoration or piano repair are listed. It is important to know how old your instrument is and out of what specific materials it was built. For a historical instrument, it is crucial that piano repair preserves the sound quality. Our workshops endeavor to restore your instrument as authentically as possible.

If you want to have your piano restored, the repair of the surface is a sensitive issue. Discuss with us your ideas and desires. We have all the options for carefully cleaning up your grand piano’s or upright’s surface or providing it with new paint. Bechstein quality should also contribute to preserving your Bechstein instrument’s value, so you still have many decades of enjoyment from your musical partner.

Can I have my C. Bechstein instrument repaired or restored by C. Bechstein?

Yes, we offer this service in our special workshops or recommend to you a suitable workshop in your country. For this, please contact: service(at) Fax: +49 (0)3586-404106.


Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world prove it is worth having competent repair.

The Art of Piano Making

How is a Bechstein grand piano built? Get to know our production - in image and sound.