It is a great art to achieve good voicing.

"Voicing" is the art of influencing the sound character of your instrument through the working of the hammer head felts. The voicing can be adjusted within certain limits of dynamic range, timbre and other parameters of overall sound according to your personal taste or spatial conditions.

Regular playing and the constant impact on the hard metal strings compress the hammer head felts and make the sound harder, sharper and thinner. If the fibers of the felt stretch due high humidity, the tone becomes softer and duller. Such changes are not consistent and produce an unbalanced sound.

With special tools and a great deal of experience, a qualified technician can re-establish the initial state of the hammer felts. Depending on the player's requirements and the mechanical stress on an instrument, re-voicing is recommended at intervals. Voicing is part of caring for your instrument. Therefore, it belongs to the maintenance of an instrument when fine tuning the volume, timbre, pitch and other parameters such as regulating the musical mechanism occur. A well-maintained instrument makes playing a pleasure.

Voicing has to be learned

Learning the art of voicing requires as a prerequisite the excellent technical and experienced skills of a piano technician. One needs a lot of practice and a good teacher to master the high art of voicing. The hammer felts are a precious part of the mechanism and can be spoiled very easily. One has to know exactly at what point to stick the sharp voicing needles into the hammer head in order to give it just the desired elasticity.

C. Bechstein Germany also offers its retail partners, as part of training seminars, the opportunity to improve and qualify for voicing work. A select group of good technicians, who have already completed tuning courses successfully, may register for these seminars. The completion of these seminars, through personal attention and work on high-quality instruments, is documented by a certificate. Qualified people work on C. Bechstein's team of concert technicians, who work with pianists all over the world - for example providing concert or recording services.

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