Give your musical partner a good tuning.

Your musical partner should always be well tuned. Through regular piano tuning you preserve the value of your instrument and simultaneously do something good for your hearing and listening habits. Good piano tuning impresses itself on the unconscious and trains our tonal taste from an early age. Ask your piano teacher, whether and when to have your piano tuned.

How does the tuning of the instrument fluctuate? Slightest climate changes affect the sound board, which in turn influences the tension of the strings. It is quite normal that an instrument needs the care provided by a piano tuner. At least once, but preferably twice a year you should have your piano tuned - ideally at the beginning and end of each heating season. Only in this way do you get permanent optimal sound character and tuning stability of your instrument. A concert instrument, for example, needs a piano tuning before each concert and depending on the composition and nature of the playing even two tunings per evening to ensure the best possible performance and sound.

You should only trust your valuable C. Bechstein instrument to a qualified piano tuner, for improper work may result in severe and permanent damage to your instrument. If your instrument has not been tuned for an extended period, it may be necessary to stretch the strings and stabilize the tuning in several tuning sessions and restore the tuning stability. This can mean a large additional expense. Let your grand piano or upright be tuned regularly.

How do I recognize a good piano tuner?

Good piano tuners achieve a clean and long-lasting piano tuning. Good piano tuners also tell you important information about the condition of your instrument. A concert tuner is a highly qualified piano tuner, who meets the special needs of professional musicians. Of course, your piano tuner should also provide information about the general state of the mechanics and care for other parts of your piano. Not every piano-tuner is able to perform all necessary maintenance work. Ask for references, get advice from seasoned professionals. C. Bechstein offers retail partners worldwide training sessions and courses for piano tuners and in development for selected technicians as advanced education for concert tuners. Our German manufacturing plant offers the best conditions. Upon successful completion, participants receive the coveted Bechstein technician certificate.Bechstein is completely committed to customers - from an outstanding instrument to good piano tuning.

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