Sparkling tone, even key resistance, effortless playing.

What is an adjustment? Some information to help you understand: an upright's or grand piano's mechanism consists of a vast number of individual parts. By playing the instrument these individual components are moved and used a great deal. Over time, depending on the amount of stress, slight variations develop. That can affect the perfect alignment of the hammer heads, key movement or damper mechanism. The high-quality mechanical components made out of natural materials by Bechstein, such as felts, leather and wood are subjected to certain changes due to pressure, vibration, friction and force caused by thousands of repetitive movements. Felts are compressed, wood and metal parts shifted. As a result, the highly complex entity of a good technician is necessary from time to time to make an adjustment so that everything is once again one hundred percent back in place and accommodates a perfect playing feeling.This adjustment is also called regulation. It should only be undertaken by qualified piano technicians and piano makers.

Bechstein actions

Materials used in Bechstein actions are made only from the finest natural products and high-quality metal elements. Of course, these components are made specifically for each Bechstein model under the toughest requirements and specifications for size and material.

The Bechstein actions are characterized by a highly praised, wonderfully comfortable and perfect playing feeling. This perfection allows a precise touch. You can achieve all nuances and shades effortlessly and perfectly on a Bechstein action.

Of course there are gradations in the requirements for nuance and subtlety - from the W.Hoffmann grand and upright pianos to the C. Bechstein masterpieces. It is also clear that a grand piano's action has an entirely different playing feeling and touch than for that of an upright. Finally, completely different physical conditions are applicable and effective.

Ask your piano technician for his recommendations concerning the maintenance requirements for your particular instrument. When practicing and playing, a well-regulated mechanism brings great advantages for precise results and optimally trains your own playing technique.

The Art of Piano Making

How is a Bechstein grand piano built? Get to know our production - in image and sound.

Restoration and repair

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