Regular maintenance preserves the value of an upright or grand piano. Maintenance includes tuning, adjustment and voicing. Read our tips! For each instrument responds sensitively to climate changes as well as regularity of use. And only if you have your instrument serviced regularly, will it keep its high quality.

Maintenance preserves the value

An upright or a grand piano needs regular maintenance. This serves to preserve its value. For information, please also refer to our warranty conditions.

All climate changes - shifts in humidity and temperature - affect your sensitive instrument. The mechanical stresses on your instrument as well as temperature and humidity changes have an impact on the tension of the strings. Therefore, over time the tuning starts to become irregular. Your piano should be tuned at least twice a year. Treat your upright and your grand piano to a regular tuning service by designated C. Bechstein piano technicians. This preserves the value of your instrument and your musical enjoyment. It's worth it.

The keyboard and action requires thousands of individual parts. Over time, normal use causes changes in the efficiency and harmony of these elements interacting with one another. Adjustment by designated professionals brings everything back into perfect harmony. An adjustment of the mechanics, keyboard and pedals harmonizes all elements and restores perfect interaction. Only if you play music with a perfectly adjusted and tuned instrument, can it be the appropriate partner for you. A qualified technician will really bring out the best from your instrument. Your listening habits, your touch and your complete satisfaction are consciously or unconsciously influenced by the condition of your instrument.

The impact of hammer-head felt on the strings causes different compression. In voicing, purposefully piercing the hammer-head felts restores their elasticity and equalizes tone color and quality. Voicing adjusts your instrument perfectly to the acoustical characteristics of your space. Musical work, however, leaves its mark. New voicing from time to time renews harmonious symmetry for flawless listening experience.

The Art of Piano Making

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Restoration and repair

The world's only workshop for original and certified Bechstein piano restoration.