Our products guarantee outstanding quality. Therefore, it is not difficult to give you a guarantee.

C. Bechstein is proud of an error rate below 0.01 percent. This is incredibly low. Our outstanding quality management is your assurance of playing music worry free and enjoyably. That’s why there are worldwide hundreds of very old Bechstein instruments that are still doing their duty. But in any case to be on the safe side, we are committed to a warranty that lasts far longer than stipulated by legal requirements. All you have to do is:

Please ensure that either your dealer sends the completed warranty card to Bechstein Berlin or you send it back to us. Only then is such a comprehensive guarantee possible. Regularly required service activities and normal wear are excluded from the warranty. This serves to protect against very unlikely defects in materials and workmanship for five years. For the precise terms and conditions please refer to your warranty booklet, as well as the service check sheets, which makes it easy to provide proof of complete care. The warranty applies, of course, only to the original owners.

The warranty booklet

Please take a few moments to look through your warranty booklet. There you will find valuable information about care for and preserving the value of your precious musical partner. An upright or a grand piano needs a suitable place in your home. Your instrument should be properly cared for, inside and out. It should also receive the necessary technical support, so that it is always well tuned and voiced for you. Maybe you want to move or relocate your instrument in your home? For all these cases, our "Online Piano Guide" gives you detailed tips. The warranty booklet makes it easy for you to maintain a full service history of your valuable instrument. Our partners and our own centers offer a subscription service that effortlessly recalls the next "pit stop."

Just do not forget: The natural materials and the refinement of a premium product need your care. Even the best sports car does not drive without service. Even when there is service, quality is important. Let your instrument only be tuned and voiced by qualified professionals. Improper handling causes additional work.


Good piano tuning enhances the joy of music and preserves the value of your instrument.

The Art of Piano Making

How is a Bechstein grand piano built? Get to know our production - in image and sound.