W.Hoffmann Professional: Affordable Pianos to Enter the Professional Class

C. Bechstein will present the W.Hoffmann Professional line during the 2014 edition of the Frankfurt International Fair for Musical Instruments. The new product line currently includes two upright and three grand pianos. At affordable prices, all of these instruments boast an exceptional quality and meet the requirements of professional pianists.

The Professional line complements the two existing W.Hoffmann lines, Tradition and Vision. The instruments were developed by C. Bechstein Berlin, are made by C. Bechstein Europe in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, and bear the label “Made in Europe”.
The W.Hoffmann instruments feature a distinctive acoustic assembly incorporating numerous details that optimise the instrument’s sound: the tensions on the soundboard have been adjusted for better sound diffusion; the back frame has been reinforced and redimensioned to achieve greater rigidity; the optimised lever ratios and the new design of the hammerheads have considerably improved the touch; and the final voicing and action regulation are entrusted to concert technicians.
In addition to these acoustic qualities, the pianos of the new W.Hoffmann Professional line boast an elegant modern case with chrome-plated fittings.
More information is available in the new W.Hoffmann catalogue.

W.Hoffmann Professional Klavier 120