The New Bechstein Catalogue — The Modern Tradition

The catalogue with the new premium line from the German piano-makers C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik is here! Artists talk about their love for Bechstein, and about the special features of this unique product line.

“It was love at first touch,” says the young Georgian pianist Dudana Mazmanishvili about her B 228, a semi-concert grand with a big sound and the unique touch of the Bechstein premium line. Other artists, including the Russian pianists and devoted Bechstein fans Denys Prochayev and Pavel Gililov, echo her praises. Read more about their work with Bechstein instruments, the creation of the premium line and its quality features in the opening pages of the new Bechstein catalogue, illustrated with the beautiful, expressive photographs of Deniz Saylan. The new Bechstein catalogue is available now at all Bechstein Centres and from authorized dealers.

C. Bechstein is always working on innovation. The Bechstein premium line has been developed in keeping with the company’s credo, “Innovation through traditional craftsmanship”. That means Bechstein combines a thorough mastery of piano-making with state-of-the-art technology to create the best instruments possible.

The material selection and manufacturing processes have been revolutionised in the best Bechstein tradition. The results can be seen, felt, and heard in the new Bechstein premium line.

Every Bechstein action assembly is made to precise specifications using still better and finer materials and components. Longer keys and a new damper mechanism provide more control, more playing comfort, and a still richer, more colourful and more versatile sound. Likewise the soundboard has been optimised to meet the most discriminating acoustic criteria: thanks to the precise positioning of the ribs and bridges and the redefined tension ratio between the board’s individual fields, the novel acoustic assembly boasts a considerably increased dynamic range.

The resulting sound speaks for itself! Come to one of the Bechstein Centres or visit your Bechstein dealer and see.

Dudana Mazmanishvili am Bechstein