Significantly More Dynamic: BECHSTEIN Academy

The BECHSTEIN Academy pianos set the standard today for families and music conservatories the world over. Now we have made the product line even better!

The first thing a pianist tries out on a piano is its action. The BECHSTEIN Academy grand pianos now feature an action assembly that incorporates still better materials and finer components. The new damper mechanism features high-quality classic wood tangents. The keys are somewhat longer, playing becomes easier and better controlled. Such improvements require significantly more demanding, labour-intensive production processes. But the advantage for the musician is self-evident: a tangibly more professional, more precise and more nuanced piano action. BECHSTEIN Academy actions are perfectly crafted from top-quality materials to Bechstein’s stringent specifications.

Sound and action are the two crucial criteria for test players — and the acoustic assembly of all Bechstein Academy grand pianos is now significantly more dynamic. The new Bechstein Academy grands have a more responsive, resonant soundboard. It is installed using a special process only after the inner and outer rims have been glued together. The tension in the various zones of the soundboard, and its complex distribution to the bridges and ribs, have been redefined to deliver the highest acoustic results. Materials of still better quality were necessary to achieve this improvement. The new process is more complicated, but the resulting sound is richer, more colourful and more nuanced than ever before. Test it yourself! Please visit your C. Bechstein dealer.

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