New C. Bechstein catalogue brings Bechstein legend to light

The new C. Bechstein catalogue, titled "The Sound of Excellence", is the first publication to show portraits of the team that makes the German brand so successful. Candid photos take you inside the factory to see craftsmen at work bending cases, building soundboards, hand-winding strings, installing the action, and much more.

These pictures by the internationally celebrated artist Deniz Saylan bring the Bechstein legend to light. Moreover, extensive explanations of materials, methods, and the personal approaches of the C. Bechstein craftsmen show the painstaking work that goes into each masterpiece. In addition to these insights into the production the new catalogue presents all C. Bechstein models, including numerous special finishes and editions. The fascinating history of the company shows the great tradition, in which the today's masterpieces stand.

View our picture gallery. Copyright of all photos: C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG.

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