How Old ist my Bechstein?

Bechstein upright and grand pianos are found all over the world. Many of these instruments are over a hundred years old, and have fascinating stories to tell. We receive inquiries about such instruments every day, including questions like “When was my grand piano built?” “Who was the first owner?” “What model is it?”

Now we offer a unique service to the owners of vintage Bechstein instruments. If you just want to know the year of manufacture of your piano, visit, click on “Service” in the navigation menu, then on “How Old Is My Bechstein”. The table of serial numbers and production dates is easy to read: for example, the instruments bearing the numbers 176 to 299 were built in 1859; the instruments numbered 1002 to 1305 were built in 1863.

For more details about your instrument, we offer an archive search service for a fee of €26.00. Simply mail us your inquiry at info(at), and we will consult our sales ledgers to find the exact date on which your instrument was delivered to its first owner (often a dealer), and in some cases the model name and the piano’s original colour or finish. Please note that we have no records of your instrument’s further history — its subsequent owners, its value then and now, or other details.

How Old is my Bechstein?