C. Bechstein Europe: quality Czech piano-making

C. Bechstein Europe, the Czech subsidiary based in Hradec Kràlové, has been the group's second production site in Europe since 2008. Bohemia is famous the world over for its long musical tradition and excellent piano-makers.

In this part of Europe where great works were composed, including Bedřich Smetana’s Moldau and My Homeland, people understand was sound culture means – a key ingredient in quality piano-making.

The Czech subsidiary exclusively manufactures the W.Hoffmann upright and grand pianos — and sells them the world over. Thanks to somewhat lower production costs, the Europe-based subsidiary can produce mid-range instruments for beginners and even affordable professional pianos that increasingly assert themselves over Asian competitors due to their quality.

C. Bechstein Europe currently has around 160 employees. These highly skilled piano-makers work under a joint Czech and German management team according to the manufacturing standards established by Bechstein’s R&D centre located in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony. This explains the difference! All W.Hoffmann instruments have a warm, pleasant base tone, a harmonious, round voice and a fluid, sensitive touch.

The W. Hoffmann pianos made in the Czech Republic are currently available in two product lines, Vision and Tradition. As C. Bechstein Europe is an innovation-friendly business, however, fans of the W.Hoffmann instruments are in for a treat – at the 2014 International Music Fair in Frankfurt am Main.

More information on the W.Hoffmann upright and grand pianos is available here.