Bechstein on Youtube

Do you love music? Are you a piano aficionado? Visit Youtube ( and enjoy a wealth of videos devoted to C. Bechstein!

A click on takes you on a tour of Bechstein’s production site in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, with Karl Schulze, the company’s CEO. You will also find an interesting documentary from 1926 that underscores the brand’s rich tradition. A playlist features debutant and noted pianists performing on C. Bechstein instruments: Sequeira Costa playing the grand during a visit to Berlin’s C. Bechstein Centre (Costa’s teacher was Vianna da Motta, who himself was a pupil of Franz Liszt); Kit Armstrong (a pupil of Alfred Brendel) playing on a piano that once belonged to Liszt; pop star Xavier Naidoo; and various recordings of concerts and piano competitions organised by Bechstein. The absolute favourite in the playlist, however, is the version of Take Five that Dave Brubeck recorded in 1966 on a C. Bechstein grand (more than four and a half million views).

Last but not least, you can also find various interviews on Youtube with great pianists and artistic directors who mention Bechstein.

Kolja Blacher (Violine) und Markus Becker (Klavier) in der Friedenskirche Potsdam