BECHSTEIN Academy A 175 test winner in “Pianiste”

The BECHSTEIN Academy A 175 was rated best in the French magazine Pianiste. Bernard Désormières tested the grand piano in the latest issue (Nov/Dec 2011) and heaped praise on the instrument.

Bernard Désormières begins his article with a classification of C. Bechstein and the BECHSTEIN Academy line: “The reputation of pianos coming from C. Bechstein, founded in 1853, is perfect already. In order to enlarge the line of instruments while responding to the demands of conservatories and advanced students, C. Bechstein’s unique R&D department had developed the BECHSTEIN Academy line. With the arrival of the new Model A 175, the complete line now consists of the size 5’3’’/ 5’9’’/6’3’’/6’8’’/ 7’5’’) and the upright (44.5’’/45.5’’/49’’).”

After that the article in Pianiste describes the classic silhouette oft he A 175 and underlines the advantages of the instrument: “Legs and castors are generously dimensioned. The large music stand is robust and can be fixed in several positions. The whole elaboration of the instrument is exemplary – be it the cabinet it self as well as its aesthetically and functionally balanced elements. The brass frame is impeccably polished, the sounding board made of excellent European pinewood of 8 mm diameters, and the cords are mounted perfectly, with agrafes and duplex scale.”

The article also lauds the touch and sound profile of the A 175 model: “If you play this instrument with its lid open it is hard to imagine that this instrument has merely the size of 175 cm/ 5’9’’. The power and balance are excellent. The musical performance makes it easy to play any musical style thanks to a well-constructed keyboard and action assembly. No critics either to the three pedals. The rich and ample sound colour can be easily differentiated.”

Bernard Désormières writes in the tabular summary of the Pianiste test that the keyboard playing comfort of the A 175 would be “excellent”, the tonal response in pp “very good”. Very strong contrasts would be possible and “even when forte is played the sound remains clear”. The BECHSTEIN Academy would have a “very good projection of tone” and would be “well balanced in all areas”, the tone colour rates Pianiste as “rich and motivating”.

Pianiste finally concludes: “This is an excellent medium sized grand, very well made which will satisfy highest demands. We approach the universe of the C. Bechstein masterpieces on a more moderate price level.”

BECHSTEIN Academy A 175 test winner in “Pianiste”