BECHSTEIN Academy A 175 new

The BECHSTEIN Academy series is a great success, because high-quality and affordable upright and grand pianos are built under this brand name. To provide even more choice, the new Bechstein Academy A.175 is expanding the offering from four to five grand pianos.

Made in Germany

The highly successful series of Bechstein Academy grand pianos is being expanded with the model A.175. This fifth grand piano in the series bridges the gap between the A.160 and A.190. All the benefits of the Bechstein Academy grand pianos are also used in the new instrument. The grand piano is built in the C. Bechstein piano factory in Seifhennersdorf in Saxony and carries the "Made in Germany".quality seal. Precise action and rich nuances in sound are standard at Bechstein so that both amateur pianists and professionals are enthusiastic about the possibilities for musical interpretation.

The base for this instrument is designed with the help of the latest CNC technology, then comes the artistic craftsmanship for regulating and voicing in order to influence the action and sound. Every note in the new Bechstein Academy A.175 grand piano is individually developed so the tone alone is already music. When a person plays over the entire keyboard, an orchestral sound is produced that one would hardly expect from such a medium-sized grand piano. Thus, every musical style from Bach and Beethoven to Busoni can be beautifully represented on this grand piano. Of course, the customer also receives a five-year warranty from C. Bechstein on the Bechstein Academy A175 grand piano.. Manufacturing country: Germany.

BECHSTEIN Academy Flügel A.175 Maße und Gewichte:

  • Length: 175 cm
  • Width: 152 cm
  • Height: 102 cm
  • Weight: 340 kg
BECHSTEIN Academy A 175 new