Piano tuning

Piano tuning

Good piano tuning brings the strings back to the correct pitch. It should be carried out at regular intervals, at least twice a year. Here the competence of the piano tuner plays an important role.

An upright or a grand piano made of organic materials is sensitive to the climate. Slightest changes in climate affect the tension of the strings through the sounding board. Two piano tunings per year - ideally at the beginning and end of each heating season - are therefore necessary to ensure the sound quality, tunability and tuning stability of your instrument permanently. A concert instrument, for example, receives a piano tuning before each concert to ensure the best presentation and sound. Depending on the frequency of use and choice of literature it might be necessary to have the piano tuned even more frequently. A professional with eight hours a day practice time has different requirements than a music lover, who only plays half an hour every day and with less effort. In regions with extreme climatic conditions and great fluctuations in humidity and temperature, valuable instruments must be housed in air-conditioned rooms.

You should only trust your valuable C. Bechstein instrument for piano tuning or servicing to qualified personnel, for improper conduct may result in severe and permanent damage to your instrument.

Bechstein offers authorized retail partners training opportunities for optimal tuning of uprights and grand pianos that can be completed with certificates. The levels of advanced education start with really good piano tuning, move on to adjusting and then to voicing and concert service. Such training requires a lot of practice. Bechstein personally invests with a training team in further qualifying partners. Training takes place in our Center of Excellence at our German C. Bechstein manufacturing plant. Our highly qualified specialists also travel to institutions or to our authorized trading partners abroad in order to give local tips and other training about piano tuning and service.

Good piano tuning is also very positive for your listening habits. A qualified piano tuning lets your instrument excel in all facets and rounds out the sound impression.

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