Piano repair

Upright piano repair - grand piano repair

An upright or grand piano repair by C. Bechstein means you focus on quality. Inasmuch as we do not do things by halves, our warranty terms do not allow for partial repairs.

Bechstein grand pianos last for decades, for many generations. However, due to normal wear and tear or through weathering-related influences, the need for repair can arise. Whether it is damage to the strings, cracks in the cast-iron plate or sounding board or replacement of worn parts in the mechanism, you can have your C. Bechstein instrument restored or repaired by C. Bechstein. We offer this service in our specialist workshops for piano repairs or recommend a suitable workshop in your country. For this purpose, please contact: technicalservice@bechstein.de, Fax: +49 (0) 3586-404106. In our special workshop for piano repairs we also perform grand piano repairs for our customers worldwide. Often these grand pianos are many decades old and have experienced numerous moves and relocations. In our special workshops we sometimes have witnesses of a great epoch in for repair: grand pianos from Brahms, Furtwängler, Liszt, Menuhin, Wagner and many others. Valuable individual pieces that were once in palaces; grand pianos from conservatories and private homes are carefully restored here. This mainly affects the wear of mechanical parts, strings and the surface. Most of the fundamental substance has weathered extreme climate fluctuations, transport and even world wars well.

Our special workshops for C. Bechstein piano repairs - the only ones authorized for original Bechstein repairs worldwide – will return your valuable instrument to tonal brilliance for decades to come. This service - from finishing the surface, reconstructing the sounding board to complete overhaul - is available as a service to our dealers worldwide. An investment that pays off, for only then will your Bechstein remain a Bechstein with a guarantee.

C. Bechstein does not offer partial restoration or repair, if you want to do the rest of the work yourself. This is not allowed by our warranty for upright and grand pianos. Nowadays, private workshops that can do a really good job are very rare, because of the enormous costs of specialists’ necessary know-how, technical requirements and appropriate staff. We will try to give you a recommendation in your country.

If you need replacement parts, such as legs, lyres, pedals, agraffes, strings or something similar, please contact our service department at: technicalservice@bechstein.de Fax:+49 (0) 3586-404106.

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