Vario Mute Systems

Vario (Mute) Systems

Vario-Systems combine the playing mechanism of a normal upright or grand piano with a mute mode and an electronic sound production. Thus, you can practice day and night without disturbing your neighbors.

There are mute-mode systems that enable you to perform and practice any time of day and not disturb other residents and neighbours. The quality of the systems is very different. A high-quality system for playing silently can be supplied directly by C. Bechstein or retrofitted in an existing piano. This gives you the additional function of a digital piano - like haing two instruments in one. Besides the advantages of a classical piano, you can elect to use the many possibilities of a digital piano. With the mute system, you have the feeling of playing with normal piano action, but the hammers do not hit the strings. A built-in batten in the area of the mechanics catches the hammer before it strikes the strings. Optical sensors transform the process into tones and volume. The sound is pleasant in timbre and dynamics, because, the stored sound was stereophonically removed from an acoustic instrument and digitalized.

In Bechstein products the system is called Vario, but the term “silent” is commonly used. Because the term "Silent Piano" is protected by another manufacturer, Bechstein uses the term "Vario." A mute circuit makes it possible: You can play piano any time, day or night. Also for professionals with long times of practice, this system offers an ideal addition to practicing on an un-muted instrument. With the VARIO system nobody will hear you if it is unintended. You have a connection for headphones; in addition, there is a metronome function and recording facilities. Many further combinations with other music sources, tone generators and sound amplifiers are possible. A small box under the keyboard also includes connectors for switching on speakers, stereo unit or CD player. Multimedia: synthesizers, expanders and more are activated via MIDI or USB plug-in ports.

Vario-Silent-System 1
Vario-Silent-System 2