Upright or grand piano

Upright or grand piano?

In determining whether an upright or grand piano should be purchased, the following components play an important role: sound volume, touch and space available.

For serious players, a good piano is, of course, always a dream, because the benefits are obvious. Sound, touch, mechanics, volume, optics. Normally, grand pianos are more expensive to produce. But it pays to compare the difference between a high-quality European upright piano and a cheap, low-quality grand piano from Asian manufacturing. Because a good upright piano often offers better sound and value than a cheap, "assembly-line" produced grand piano. Quality has its price. Quality results from comprehensive know-how about piano engineering – implemented with the best materials and according to outstanding workmanship. A large automobile with no quality is just big. Just keeping up appearances. In any case, a musical instrument should convince with its sound quality, with its workmanship. Show in this case is not very useful. Piano players need motivation. Motivation comes from the quality of the instrument. A good sound, a pleasant touch.

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