The first impression

The first impression

Many piano buyers are initially perplexed in the face of the many offers and the difficulty in verifying and understanding the criteria. We want to give you some useful information and make piano-technical terms easier to understand. And we start with the first impression.

250 hp and 18 cylinders? Unfortunately, the quality criteria of upright and grand pianos in piano sales are not nearly as familiar as in purchasing an automobile. The first impression in piano purchase is certainly determined by the optics: color, size and shape.

The following basic rules apply to the external appearance: polished surfaces have a sound-reflecting effect, instruments with satin wood finishes - especially grand pianos - can be a little less brilliant in direct comparison. Quality: Although taste has a lot to do with piano purchase, the perfection of the surface is nevertheless a quality aspect. Bechstein attaches particular importance to the perfect finish, using high quality lacquers, which in manufacturing are also extremely environmentally friendly. Compare. Of course, we also offer satin finishes, beautiful veneers in a silky feel. In this Piano Guide, you find information about care of the surface in Chapter 4 "Cleaning the Instrument and Piano Care.”

Value for money is a not an insignificant factor in purchasing a piano. Please remember that you make a long-term investment with your piano. The performance should include at least the following criteria: sound, sound profile, balance, sound-color, volume, playability, durability, reliability and reputation of the manufacturer. Compare and get advice from successful companies. One should rely on whoever has a real overview of the brands and markets and presents understandable arguments rather than an individual’s subjective opinion.

Upright and grand pianos built by Bechstein are among the best instruments in the world. Price-performance ratio is outstanding for any Bechstein brand. All brands are manufactured in Bechstein's own factories. C. Bechstein brand masterpieces belong to the premium sector, followed by the top-class Bechstein Academy, Made in Germany. Zimmermann made by C. Bechstein, Germany, belongs to the successful upper middle class. W.HOFFMANN, with the two price-value lines "Tradition" and "Vision" made in Europe by C. Bechstein, belongs in the entry to middle segment.

Incidentally, people talk a lot about us. Especially when purchasing a piano. Television and newspaper reports about Bechstein appear regularly in Germany, but this medium-sized company is also successful in global competition.

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