Form and style

Form and style

If you treat yourself to an upright or even a grand piano, you should enjoy it for decades. And this should start with the first glance. For an upright or grand piano is a piece of furniture. Look for a beautiful shape and good style.

In buying a piano, the form also plays a part. Depending on the décor and style of your home, you have special requirements. Do you prefer straight, classic and purist forms? That might be, for example, the Bechstein Classic 124. Or do you like a modern, design-oriented casing? How about a C. Bechstein Millennium, distinguished with international design awards.

Or you are conscious of tradition? The C. Bechstein Concert 8 model, the epitpme of concert pianos worldwide, can be recommended here. Do you love elegance? The C. Bechstein Elegance 124 model has this quality not only in name.

In the grand pianos, special designs are interesting if the standard appearance of a black polished grand piano doesn’t come into consideration. In both Bechstein series you also have the opportunity to choose special finishes. Exquisite inlay or polished burl woods allow the imagination free rein. Also check out here our Art-Case-Gallery.

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