The Pianofortefabriks

The manufacturing sites

C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik operates two production sites: one in Germany, the other in the Czech Republic. Both sites incorporate the best of piano-making and produce unique upright and grand pianos with an incomparable touch and voice. Bechstein piano factories in Germany and the Czech Republic represent the highest quality. Would you like to visit our factory in Seifhennersdorf? Here you can experience the perfection of German piano-making.

C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik: The German Site in Seifhennersdorf

C. Bechstein started making pianos in Berlin in 1853 and has had an eventful history (see the chapter Tradition). In 1992, the company acquired Sächsische Pianofortefabrik with its production site in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony. Investments of more than fifteen million euros transformed the plant into one of the world’s best production facilities. Today, only instruments of the Bechstein and C. Bechstein brands are made there. A team of nearly 145 people — engineers, designers and international piano-makers — integrate innovations developed by the nearby C. Bechstein R&D centre, in a perfect synthesis of traditional piano-making craftsmanship and modern technology, to produce instruments of the best possible artistic quality. Moreover, trainees at the Seifhennersdorf production site guarantee that the tradition of German piano-making will endure, and the priceless expertise acquired over more than one and a half centuries is passed on to the next generation.

C. Bechstein Europe: The Czech Site in Hradec Králové

C. Bechstein Europe has been operating a production site in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, since 2008. A team of nearly 160 people, including master piano-makers and specially trained technicians, make the W. Hoffmann upright and grand pianos that are exported throughout the world. The instruments incorporate the German standards and the guidelines of the C. Bechstein R&D centre. The W. Hoffmann brand currently includes two product lines, Vision and Tradition, and will soon add a third, the Professional line. Thanks to lower production costs, the Czech site is able to deliver mid-segment pianos of European quality that can stand up to any Asian competitor.