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Playing piano - the best hobby in the world

Congratulations! If you play piano, you have made the right choice. Because playing the piano is one of the most coveted hobbies. Playing piano has many positive effects on the body and spirit. Always remember: Playing piano is fun, it affords both player and audience pleasure!
Whoever plays the piano has luck with friends and acquaintances, being admired and invited.Piano playing promotes personal development, enhances creativity, reduces stress and makes you happy. It has been proven that training of the fingers gives the brain a workout. Piano playing promotes discipline and learning ability, prevents forgetfulness, is excellent support for developing young people’s personalities and retains senior’s physical and mental abilities. There are medical and other therapeutic statements about the undoubted benefits of piano playing. Above all, piano playing is fun, affords both player and audience pleasure!

So that you have the greatest possible enjoyment from your hobby, we want to give you our Piano Guide suggestions and tips on upright and grand piano purchase. Piano care, service and advice on location and relocation is also provided. Some 50 trade partners around the world have contributed to this guide. Let yourself be inspired.

We explain to you the differences in quality. We give you important secrets of piano manufacturing. We allow you insight into the quality philosophy of the Bechstein brands and products. When buying a piano, please ask about the individual criteria, materials and engineering and construction features. Then the price differences will be evident. We want to support you so that piano playing shows you its best aspects from the beginning.

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