International Rotary Youth Piano Competition

The Rotary Youth Piano Competition has been held annually since 2006. In response to the growing number of contestants, this high-level event will be organised internationally beginning in 2013.

Organised jointly by the Rotary Club of Essen, Germany, and Evonik Industries, the eighth edition of the competition will take place 3 to 5 May 2013 at the Evonik’s auditorium in Essen. Three prizes will be awarded in each of the four age groups. The competition rules also provide for three special awards: the Prize for a Compulsory Piece (in age group IV only), the Contemporary Music Prize, and the Featured Composer Prize. (The featured composer in 2013 will be Robert Schumann.) On 9 June, the prize winners will give a closing concert in the RWE Pavilion at Essen’s philharmonic concert hall.

The jury includes four noted piano teachers, Manja Lippert, Till Engel, Thomas Günther and Arne Torger, and for the first time, Gregor Willmes, the former editor in chief of the music magazine FonoForum, currently Cultural Manager at C. Bechstein.

Prospective contestants can apply by mail or online at until 14 April 2013.

The Rotary Youth Piano Competition is supported by Essen’s C. Bechstein Center Piano Schmitz, and by piano libre, an association to support young pianists founded by the Rotary Club of Essen-Hellweg and supported by the Rotary Club and other donations.

Among the prize winners of the previous years’ competitions are Inge Du, Florian Glemser, Daniel Gordeev, Hanni Liang and Benyamin Nuss — five young musicians on their way to becoming professional pianists.

Rotary Klavierwettbewerb Jugend International 2013
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