C. Bechstein University Competition 2010 in Hanover

That Hanover University of Music and Drama is considered one of the most successful worldwide in the area of developing pianists can be determined from the great number of prizes Hanover piano students win at international piano competitions. C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG was inspired in 2010 to initiate a competition especially for the students of this university.

Award winners from Lithuania also won the special prize

At the C. Bechstein Competition for Students of Piano Classes at Hannover University of Music and Drama, Veronika Kopjova had double reason to celebrate: In June 2010 the young pianist won first prize as well as the special Choriner Musiksommer festival prize. Jae-Won Cheung was distinguished with second prize. The top-class jury awarded Maxim Böckelmann third prize.

Twelve candidates appeared in the first round with a 20-minute program, 6 of those reached the second round in which they had to play a 40-minute program. Veronika Kopjova, student of Prof. Beatrice Berthold, established herself due among other things to her expressive interpretation of Prokofiev's 8th Sonata. The pianist, born 1984 in Lithuania, excelled in the concert with compositions by Granados and Messiaen as well as "Bohémienne Danse" by Claude Debussy (the first round's compulsory piece), which was presented with differentiated lyricism.

Ja-Won Cheung, student of Prof. Matti Raekallio, with Ravel's "Gaspard de la Nuit" made the highly colorful and dynamic C. Bechstein concert grand piano D 282 sparkle, and the Korean also enthused with the rhythmically complex 10th Etude the „The Sorcerer's Apprentice“ by György Ligeti. Maxim Böckelmann, 21 year-old student of Prof. Roland Krueger, interpreted among other things with great musical urgency Johannes Brahms' F-sharp-minor Sonata Opus 2.

Along with monetary prizes to be won at this C. Bechstein competition were above all concert engagements. Moreover, as special engagement a concert with the Northwest German Philharmonic and conductor Frank Beerman at the Choriner Musiksommer festival was offered.

The top-class jury headed by Gregor Willmes (Cultural Manager of C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG) consisted of Prof. Konrad Elser (Music University Luebeck), Enrico Fischer (Concert Management Schmid), Ingo Harden (Music Publicist), Prof. Galina Iwanzowa (University for Music Hanns Eisler Berlin) and the well-known pianist Ewa Kupiec.

C. Bechstein University Competition in Hanover
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