C. Bechstein Music School Piano Competitions 2010

C. Bechstein Music School Competitions formerly took place in Cologne, Hamburg and Hanover. Further C. Bechstein Music School Competitions shall follow. Promoting young pianists and mediating fun in music making are the most important elements in these competitions.

Hamburg was the precursor of C. Bechstein Music School Competitions.

The first C. Bechstein Music School Competition took place 2007 in the Staatliche Jugendmusikschule Hamburg West. After 34 participants in the first and 52 competitors in the second year, competition 2009 was expanded to all urban, communal and district music schools in Schleswig-Holstein and Northern Lower-Saxony. Among the jurors were such professors of music universities Hamburg and Luebeck as Manfred Aust and Prof. Manfred Fock or Prof. Volker Banfield.

Following the positive example of C. Bechstein Center Hamburg, C. Bechstein centers in Cologne and Hanover in cooperation with regional partners held further competitions in 2010. For the C. Bechstein Piano Competition for Scholars and Students of the Music School in the Hanover state capitol, more than 50 young pianists between 6 and 20 years old were registered. Likewise, at the C. Bechstein Piano Competition of the Rhein Music School Cologne, around 50 participants competed in the solo evaluation, and others appeared in the duo contest. Moreover, in Cologne and Hanover instructors from the local music universities reinforced the music school juries.

All C. Bechstein Music Competitions are concerned above all with promoting ordinary musicians rather than the elite. In the foreground is the exchange of young musicians among each other instead of thinking about rivalry. The C. Bechstein Music School Competitions should give participants positive impulses for musical, instrumental and personal development.

Bechstein Music School Competition