Pavel Gililov about Bechstein

"An instrument with many possibilities for modulation"

Pavel Gililov, internationally known pianist, piano professor in Cologne and Salzburg, artistic director of the Beethoven Competition in Bonn, says about Bechstein, "It is a very nice bright sound ..." Gililov also speaks about the differences between playing the violin and the piano. How the sound is created is always his main theme: "I try not to play on the keys. I try to play on the strings. ... This is a very complicated process."

Gililov, a regular guest at such festivals as the Salzburg Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Berlin Festival, Schleswig Holstein Festival and Ruhr Piano Festival, has often recorded on Bechstein with his piano quartet. Pavel Gililov believes: "It is also important who owns the instrument. Whether it is a banking group, with no knowledge of it, or whether the company is run by people who have a right relationship to music. And especially with Bechstein you feel the company is run by people who know something about music."

The Art of Piano Making

How is a Bechstein grand piano built? Get to know our production - in image and sound.

Pavel Gililov

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