Interviews and voices

Pianists and artistic directors talk about Bechstein. They answer questions like: What fascinates you about Bechstein? What is the impact of Bechstein today? How do you assess Bechstein’s cultural commitment? Through these videos, a composite picture emerges of a very active grand and upright piano brand. See it for yourself!


Abdel Rahman El Bacha

Abdel Rahman El Bacha about his "love relationship" to a Bechstein grand piano.

Pavel Gililov

Pavel Gililov, pianist and piano professor, about Bechstein today.

Barbara Szczepanska

Professor Barbara Szczepanska about Bechstein's cultural engagement.

René Martin

Director René Martin about Bechstein-successes at the Piano Festival in La Roque d’Anthéron.

Bechstein is Back at Wigmore Hall

John Gilhooly and Michel Dalberto talk about Bechstein.

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Who plays on a Bechstein? Find pianists from the past and present.

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