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Wilhelm Backhaus, Arthur Schnabel, Edwin Fischer - many famous pianists have enjoyed recording on C. Bechstein grand pianos. Boris Bloch, Konstantin Lifschitz, Haiou Zhang, Shani Diluka, David Theodor Schmidt - still today there are many CDs recorded on Bechstein. Here you will find some piano CDs with Bechstein recordings.


Angelich / Dalberto

Fauré’s complete chamber music featuring Nicholas Angelich and Michel Dalberto on the Bechstein.

Reinhard Becker

Reinhard Becker plays works by Joseph Haydn.

Ketil Bjørnstad

Ketil Bjørnstad improvises on a C. Bechstein C 234 grand.

Boris Bloch

Boris Bloch plays works by Chopin, Dvorák and Tschaikowsky

Jorge Bolet

Jorge Bolet, great Bechstein fan, plays Liszt

Luiza Borac

Luiza Borac plays works by Dinu Lipatti.

Michele Campanella

“Michele Campanella plays Liszt’s Bechstein” is the title of a new CD that was published in 2011.

Rebecca Chaillot

Rebecca Chaillot plays works by Franz Liszt, including the Sonata in B Minor.

Aldo Ciccolini

Aldo Ciccolini performs piano sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Aldo Ciccolini II

Aldo Ciccolini plays works by Mozart and Clementi.

Claire Désert

Claire Désert performs works by Schumann, Wieck and Brahms.

Shani Diluka

Shani Diluka has recorded the first two Beethoven concertos on Bechstein

Shani Diluka II

Shani Diluka plays works by American composers, from John Adams to Keith Jarrett.

Severin von Eckardstein

Severin von Eckardstein performs Works by Schubert, Debussy, Medtner and others.

Abdel Rahman El Bacha

Abdel Rahman El Bacha performs the first book of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier

Abdel Rahman El Bacha II

Abdel Rahman El Bacha plays piano works by Sergei Prokofiev.

Abdel Rahman El Bacha III

Abdel Rahman El Bacha records Beethoven’s complete piano sonatas

Abdel Rahman El Bacha IV

Abdel Rahman El Bacha performs the second book of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier

Edwin Fischer

Edwin Fischer's famous recording of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier on Bechstein

Pascal Gallet

Pascal Gallet plays the piano concerto by Jolivet - a discovery

Pavel Gililov I

The Philharmonic Piano Quartet Berlin (with Gililov) plays Beethoven and Dvorák

Pavel Gililov II

The Philharmonic Piano Quartet Berlin this time with Mozart and Schumann

Grau & Schumacher

Impressive Bechstein CD with variations and fugues by Beethoven, Mozart and Reger

Michèle Gurdal

Michèle Gurdal plays études by Alexander Scriabin.

David Helbock

David Helbock improvises on songs by Prince on a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand.

Yves Henry

The first CD for the Liszt Year was recorded by Yves Henry in Japan

Cora Irsen

Cora Irsen plays Liszt in Weimar on the master’s former Bechstein.

Peter Jancewicz

Peter Jancewicz performs his own works.

Motoi Kawashima I

Motoi Kawashima plays Bach-Busoni, Beethoven and Schubert compositions

Motoi Kawashima II

Motoi Kawashima performs works by Stravinsky, Khatchaturian, Prokofiev and De Falla

Nathalie Kraemer

Nathalie Kraemer sings her own works with George Koller on the piano.

Yorck Kronenberg

Yorck Kronenberg shines with sonatas by Beethoven and Schubert

Paul Kuhn

Paul Kuhn, "Piano Man," here on the Bechstein grand piano, delights with swinging jazz

My dusty gramophone

My Dusty Gramophone by Dunja Lavrova and Konstantin Lapshin contains wonderful works for violin and piano.

Maria Lettberg

Maria Lettberg performs early piano works by Alexander and Julian Scriabin on a C. Bechstein grand piano D 282.

Konstantin Lifschitz

Konstantin Lifschitz plays Bach's "Art of Fugue" - a timeless, beautiful document

Helge Lien

Helge Lien improvises expressive soundscapes on a C. Bechstein C 234 grand piano.

Vassily Lobanov

A wonderful rarity: Chausson's Concerto Opus 21 with Vassily Lobanov on the Bechstein

Jura Margulis

Jura Margulis devotes himself intensively to works of German-Austrian composers

Mikhail Mordvinov

Mikhail Mordvinov plays works by Schubert/Liszt and Modest Mussorgsky.

Jascha Nemtsov I

Jascha Nemtsov on the Bechstein and violinist Tim Vogler discover Bartók and Saygun

Jascha Nemtsov II

Jascha Nemtsov plays preludes by Schostakowitsch and Zaderatsky

Steven Osborne

Steven Osborne on the Bechstein with Viviane Hagner (violin) and Alban Gerhardt (cello)

Vassily Primakov

Vassily Primakov Pays Homage to Rachmaninov

Denys Proshayev

Denys Proshayev plays Alfred Schnittke

András Schiff

András Schiff plays Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations on a 1921 C. Bechstein grand piano.

David Theodor Schmidt

Outstandingly reviewed debut CD by David Theodor Schmidt for Sony Classical

David Theodor Schmidt II

Second Bechstein CD featuring the young German pianist playing works by Schubert/Liszt and Schumann.

David Theodor Schmidt III

This new recording of German Romantic works is titled "Der Dichter spricht".

David Theodor Schmidt IV

David Theodor Schmidt plays transcriptions of works by Bach and Brahms.

Manfred Schmidt

Manfred Schmidt plays Bach, Beethoven and Bach transcriptions.

Artur Schnabel

Artur Schnabel's famous Beethoven recordings on Bechstein

Jan Schultsz

Werner Güra sings Schubert’s Die schöne Müllerin with a piano accompaniment by Jan Schultsz.

Jan Schultsz II

Tenor Werner Güra and pianist Jan Schultsz on the Bechstein grand interpret Schumann’s Liederkreis and Dichterliebe.

Naoki Sekino

Naoki Sekino plays Liszt, Beethoven, Chopin und Scriabin

Wibi Soerjadi

Wibi Soerjadi, the Dutch best-seller, with romantic character pieces

Vladimir Sofronitsky

Vladimir Sofronitsky’s live performance on a Bechstein grand piano in 1956 at Moscow’s Scriabin Museum.

Hai-Kyung Suh

Hai-Kyung Suh, one of the most popular pianists in Korea, on the Bechstein

Fumiharu Sumitomo

Fumiharu Sumitomo plays works by Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert/Liszt, and Elgar.

Amir Tebenikhin

Bechstein prize winner shines on the Bechstein with varied program recital

Trio Ex Aequo

Trio Ex Aequo plays three piano trios by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Trio Panta Rhei

Trio Panta Rhei plays works by Bernstein, Schnyder, Gershwin, Kapustin and Pritsker.

Trio Panta Rhei II

Trio Panta Rhei sets to music the tale Thadeus Troll with works for piano trio.

Dina Ugorskaja

Dina Ugorskaja interprets 15 inventions by Bach and the Préludes Opus 28 by Chopin

Franz Vorraber

Franz Vorraber plays the four Impromptus Opus 90 and the Wanderer Fantasy by Schubert

William Youn

William Youn plays Mozart’s piano sonatas.

Anna Zassimova

Anna Zassimova (Bechstein grand piano) and Kyrill Rybakov (clarinet) play works by Johannes Brahms.

Haiou Zhang

Premiered on Bechstein and newly recorded on Bechstein by Haiou Zhang: Liszt's sonatas

Lilya Zilberstein I

Lilya Zilberstein with Beethoven's Sonatas No. 2 and No. 23 - first-class concert recording

Lilya Zilberstein II

Continuation with Brahms: Lilya Zilberstein plays the Variations Opus 21 and the Eight Piano Pieces Opus 76


C. Bechstein - a living myth

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Manufacturing a Bechstein grand piano

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C. Bechstsein - a love story

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From classic to pop - recordings on Bechstein

Since the beginning of sound recordings pianists have enjoyed recording on Bechstein. Inasmuch as the Bechstein grand piano was the most popular brand among famous pianists in Europe until the 1940s, piano music was largely recorded on Bechstein. Only it was usually not stated on record covers, on which instrument the piano music was recorded. Nevertheless, there are some high-quality recordings of pianists like Wilhelm Backhaus, Edwin Fischer, Wilhelm Kempff and Artur Schnabel, where Bechstein is a matter of record. Many recordings are still in circulation as piano CDs.

After the war, it was primarily Jorge Bolet who continued the great Bechstein recording tradition. To date, there are worldwide numerous piano music recordings on Bechstein (of which we in Berlin often learn nothing). Some selected piano CDs are presented in this brief overview. By the way, jazz musicians such as Joachim Kühn, Oscar Peterson, and more recently Paul Kuhn have been immortalized on Bechstein. And in the field of pop music, the Beatles as well as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Elton John, Freddie Mercury (Queen), Supertramp and many others have recorded on Bechstein CDs.

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