Our tradition

Michel Dalberto

"Bechstein grand pianos have the sound of which I have always dreamed."


In addition to the C. Bechstein piano factory in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, a second plant (C. Bechstein Europe) is established in the Czech Republic city of Hradec Kralove (formerly Königgrätz). At the end of the decade, Bechstein sells only uprights and grand pianos manufactured in Europe.


After several years of collaboration, the partner's interest in the Czech Republic upright and grand piano manufacturer Bohemia are assumed. From now on "C. Bechstein Europe" is complete; with the C. Bechstein product offering of this wholly owned subsidiary. In Kiev, C. Bechstein partner "Lysoform" opens an elegant Bechstein salon in the upscale Villa quarter near the famous Pecherska Lavra Monastery. Another C. Bechstein Center opens between the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie hall at 207 West 58th Street in New York.


Bechstein makes the decision, in contrast to competitors, only to sell instruments and brands from its own production in Europe. The brands Euterpe and Wilhl. Steinmann expire, the brand sets in the premium segment now include C. Bechstein, in the upper class Bechstein Academy, in upper middle class Zimmerman and at the entry level W. HOFFMANN.


Bechstein opens in Shanghai its own Chinese representation. In the wake of the capital increase, the company Samick completely divests itself of Bechstein shares. Major shareholders are now Karl Schulze, his wife, Berenice Küpper and the Arnold Kuthe GmbH. At Europe's largest piano festival, the Festival International de Piano La Roque d'Anthéron, despite strong competition, around 50 percent of the pianists decide to play their concerts on the C. Bechstein Concert grand piano D 282; these include Boris Berezovsky, Michel Dalberto, David Fray, Alice Sara Ott, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, Lise de la Salle, and Zhu Xiao-Mei.


Aldo Ciccolini chooses for his 85th birthday concert at the Festival International de Piano La Roque d'Anthéron a C. Bechstein concert grand piano D 282. Arte broadcasts the TV recording of the concert. Pianists like Nicholas Angelich, Michel Dalberto, and Shani Diluka record new CDs on Bechstein. In previous years new CDs made on Bechstein include Boris Bloch, Pavel Gililov, Konstantin Lifschitz, Amir Tebenikhin, David Theodor Schmidt, Lilya Zilberstein, and many others. Economically, the year is marked by attraction of foreign business, significant increase in sales and huge success for the W.HOFFMANN brand of instruments produced in the Czech Republic.


The best year yet for C. Bechstein. The investments in R&D activities in recent years bore fruit in unequalled quality in the masterpiece class, and reinforced the success of the Bechstein Academy line. The improvement in the brand’s image was accompanied by considerable growth in sales. Bechstein is once again the number one in several markets, regaining the position it enjoyed during the golden age of the piano. Other highlights of 2011 included the establishment of excellent training courses for after-sales technicians worldwide through the new Bechstein Technical Academy, great buyer response to the brand “W. Hoffmannn made by C. Bechstein Europe”, and the introduction of a global, unified corporate identity for all the Bechstein brands. Production of the “Zimmermann — made in Germany” brand discontinued by 31 December 2011.


A year of continuity and innovation. In 1992, Bechstein’s production facilities were relocated from Berlin to Saxony. Customers can now register through their dealer to visit Bechstein’s German factory. This is your opportunity to discover the expertise and commitment that the C. Bechstein staff brings to the creation of individual masterpieces, and their incomparable contribution to musical culture the world over.