Our tradition

Michael Endres

The old sparkle of the Bechstein legend is here again! Congratulations on the new D grand piano.


C. Bechstein returns - not only at the anniversary celebration - back to the big stage. A partnership with Samick opens new markets. The International Carl Bechstein Piano Competition is held in the Ruhr region.


After full and careful considerations for the future planning of the company, a partnership with Korean musical instruments manufacturer Samick is formed with the objective of making mutual investments. With this strategic move, Bechstein hopes to realize synergy effects in relation to C. Bechstein's marketing overseas as well as expanding the brand portfolio. In Seoul, South Korea another C. Bechstein Center is opened. In the same year, in a concert for the 150th anniversary of the company at the Berlin Philharmonic, performers include Denys Proshayev, Fazil Say, and the piano duos Anthony and Joseph Paratore as well as Grau/Schumacher.


The export share compared to the previous year grows from 30 to 50 percent. Large concert halls like the Berlin Philharmonic and universities such as the Royal Academy in London and the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris, are once again increasingly buying Bechstein in this and following years.


The Board's married couple Küpper/Schulze is taking on more than half the shares of Samick Bechstein. In fiscal 2006 on revenues of 6 percent and net income of 26 percent substantial increases have again been achieved compared to the previous year's results. With an annual income of €1.5 million after taxes, a return on sales of more than 5 percent is reached. In the same year, in collaboration with Folkwang College, the First International Carl Bechstein Piano Competition is held in the Ruhr region. The prize winners' concert takes place in the Essen Philharmonic.