Our tradition

Jorge Bolet

"I think Bechstein has such superior quallity that it has no competition."


Bechstein again experiences a renaissance. Important musicians give concerts again on Bechstein. The company's anniversary is celebrated in style. In 1986 the company returns to German hands.


Leonard Bernstein plays on his tour of Germany with the Vienna Philharmonic Ravel's G-major Piano Concerto exclusively on a Bechstein, and one of the great virtuosos Jorge Bolet preferred, in principle, the Berlin concert instrument. With a newly designed concert grand, model EN, Bechstein responds to the ever-growing concert halls and, if you will, to a changing understanding of culture. Last but not least, some of the great jazz pianists - from Dave Brubeck to Duke Ellington - are excited about the possibilities of this instrument. Already since the 1960s Bechstein plays an important role in pop music: Artists like the Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John and Freddie Mercury record on Bechstein.


The company's 125th anniversary is celebrated with Shura Cherkassy, Christian Zacharias and the piano duo Alfons and Aloys Kontarsky.


Owing to civic decline in value, European grand piano sales struggle with economic problems. The 38-year-old Karl Schulze, entrepreneur and master piano builder, buys from Baldwin the Berlin-based brand. The concept catches hold, the reorganization of the company succeeds in a short time. Bechstein shall remain what it always was all over the world: a name with "sound of status."


Bechstein opens a new production facility in Kreuzberg. The fall of the Berlin Wall in late autumn of 1989 marks a new era with unexpectedly tough economic conditions. Piano world production falls by 40 percent.